For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Song of the Day: Indescribable  (see video in post below)
Reading: The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs (read free, online here)
Verse: John 17:1b "Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you..."


Had a fairly pleasant day. Not as glum as previous. Hopefully the sun will return to its normal all day appearance and then we will all be happy again. :D

Dad is helping our oldest to build a computer. It is an exercise in patience on both parts. Not sure which is actually succeeding. :)

Took the Hippie-Freak to Party City today to pick out stuff for his party on Saturday. They had a good deal on some plates & the buckets we'll use for the egg hunt. He thinks it's pretty cool that his birthday is around Easter so he can decorate eggs & do an egg hunt at his party.

Thing 1 continues to amaze me at his ability to self-teach Math.  He's already up to his 9's in his times tables and I haven't done a thing to speak of. :)

Got a new sign language video at class last night. We watched the first segment today. It's very helpful to show the kids how to use body language when signing.  This is apparently very important. I also got my book so I can, hopefully, start learning the grammar better since it is so different from English.

Here is the Hippie-Freak with his barn that he is very proud of. He got a little lazy toward the end and colored outside the lines, but he's getting there. :)

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