For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Monday, October 29, 2012

School Week 9

Well, you're in luck this week. I was sick most of it so there aren't a lot of pictures. One has to be awake to take them, I've discovered and as I slept most of the week...;)




Had some technical difficulties so I had to take a picture at school. They chose to show off their playground. :)


Did I mention Babycakes got it too. It kind of goes without saying. His immune system seems to be similar to Spock's. :/

Mr. Great-heart had some money burning a hole in his pocket (hope he gets that under control before hitting the mission-field) so he had to buy a box of Pokemon cards...of course. (PS Jigglypuff is my fave Pokemon...don't ever fall asleep near me when I have a Sharpie. ;))


Babycakes insisted on accompanying me as I took his brothers to school though he, himself, was not up to going to his class. :/

Friday is Art School for Braniac (and the Teenager) so I took B out to CFA after class for a treat.


A sneak peek at some of our Halloween costumes.

Then to ballet for class...and Wendy's to eat lunch between class and rehearsals.

Spock spent most of his weekend going over parts of his Math book they didn't in class, and making up Math tests. I told you he was quirky. :D


On Sunday Mr. Great-heart and Babycakes stayed home and watched Narnia...the BBC version. The other 
is not spoken of in our home.

Then I showed Mr. Great-heart how to make a swan with his new Origami packet he got at a friend's birthday party.

Then the kids worked on their Jack-O-Lanterns.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Five MInute Friday: Voice

This is a lot darker than I usually write, but it was the very first thing that popped in my head when I saw the prompt. Comments have been disabled for obvious reasons. Click here for other FMF entries.


It's there in my head. Waiting. That voice. It's waiting for the lowest points, the darkest hour, then it comes out. It speaks. It tells me what I've known all along. That God planned for me to be utterly alone. "God is preparing you for a life of complete loneliness." I'm 15 again. Scared. On the edge. It won't take much to push me over. Then it will be the end. And that's what the voice says. Now, I'm an adult, but the voice doesn't leave. It's still there. It won't go away. I've done everything I know. I think I've banished it for good. Then, the dark times come, the sorrows of life. And the voice returns. In the middle of a room full of people, it is whispering to me. In the midst of friends it screams at me. God wants me to be alone. There is no one who really can care about you because God doesn't want it. That's the voice. My mother's voice. Have I put that voice in my children's heads? Is this how they will remember me? Is this how I represent Christ to them? This false religion that teaches children and the weak that God hates them? If it is...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

School Week 8


Yes, this is almost a week late. I've been a bit busy...being sick. :/

So, Monday started out normal enough...

Well, if you consider a threat of triple-digit weather in October "normal." :D

I was very glad that after weeks of watching me use the lacing cards, Babycakes finally decided to give it a try himself. :)

We sold the other two boxes rather quickly so we decided to pick up a third box. That way each child would get credit for one.

And, of course, a little violin lesson. :)


Tuesday started out normal enough too...

Then they began to fall.

Had to do my first mid-day pick up of a sick kid ever.

So Spock (of course, who else? :/) came home...

And we spent the rest of the day watching Power Rangers SPD on Netflix.

And discovered this really cool SPD/Battleship connection thanks to :D (As a side note, Power Rangers is not helpful for language development. I'm pretty certain that two days of the stuff set Babycakes back two weeks. :D)

But the world doesn't stop just coz you have sick kids....had to make crazy hats for AWANA Crazy Hat night. :) This is Babycakes' hat.


On Wednesday we didn't even try to get Spock to school. :(

They don't look too thrilled to be going off without their brother, do they?

No pictures, but Babycakes was well enough to go to AWANA with his crazy hat. Spock stayed home and wore his while watching Scarecrow & Mrs King, then crashed very, very early.


But he was up and happy the next morning. I was going to try to take Babycakes on his class field trip but he  was super whiny when we stopped by CBTL to get a cup of coffee on the way so I aborted the trip and went to Target where it became obvious he wasn't as recovered as we'd thought when he screamed every time I tried to turn down an aisle. We came home and he went to sleep. :/


This is a morning ritual of sorts. The kids are always glad to see condensation. :D

They were dressed up today coz it was Grandparents' Day at school.

So the grandparents came to see their school and meet teachers and hear them sing, etc, etc, etc. :)

It was also art school day. Here's The Teenager's latest. You can see his other work on his tumblr page


Braniac on Saturday morning. 

On which it was raining...a bad thing when you intended to clean your very dirty car. I did end up getting to clean the inside though, so it wasn't a total loss. :)

And then we had a little Nutcracker rehearsal. The kids are enjoying it immensely. I'm actually enjoying it too. Mainly coz we told them next year they had to choose between Nutcracker and Recital and they chose the former. That means after Nutcracker is over on the 23rd of December, I won't have to take them to another rehearsal until next October. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Small Things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. 
Robert Brault 

In the old days, back when we homeschooled (yeah, like just a few months ago, right?)...

If I heard about something interesting that I thought one of my kids would like to do, we'd do it, if we had the resources...

If it fell on a school night, so be it. We could just sleep in the next day. No biggie.

To be honest, I thought those days were through.

I mean, you can't just miss school, or be late for school, coz something so totally cool and entirely once in a lifetime comes along...

So, when I learned, last Tuesday, that on Thursday night on the USS Midway, as part of the Navy's birthday they were going to have a screening of Spock's favorite movie....

I was entirely nuts to even entertain the idea that I should take him down right after school....

I mean, we are serious school people now, right?

But my mind and heart wouldn't let it drop...

So, after getting the teacher's permission, we bought the tickets and set off to San Diego (we live 2 hours away, btw) on a rainy afternoon...

To celebrate the Navy's birthday with Churros and...

Yeah. Coz I'm the cool mom. ;D