For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Reasons to Hate Dan Cathy (and all other Christians) and Boycott Chick-fil-A

Aside from being pro-traditional marriage, the media, and people who think like them (which, btw, the media thinks is almost everyone), should really be taking a look into what else exactly Cathy (and other Christians) supports. They really would find even more reasons to hate him (and us) since, really, he is for everything they are against.

1) We're pro-life. Last time I turned on my TV (we don't have cable) or read a "mainstream" newspaper, I didn't find much sympathy for that position...oh, yeah, there was that article in USA Today last week about China's forced abortion policy, but the "journalist" made a concerted and repeated effort to make sure we understood that these babies were actually wanted by their mothers, just not the State.

2) We're for waiting to have sex until marriage (between a man and woman, of course). I don't even know if I should have to point out that you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in the media, even some "conservatives," who find this idea less than archaic and intrusive.

3) We're for remaining faithful to your spouse. Yeah, you'll get some people in the media saying that, sure, they're against adultery too, but when it comes down to it any excuse to sleep with someone you're not married to will suffice.

4) We're for telling the truth. Um, this is the media we're talking about. Those people can't even tell the truth in a "public interest" story. Or to paraphrase Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the cape.

5) We're for being content with what you have. Well, this should be even more obvious. The Media make their money off of people's covetousness. Liberals even go so far as to covet for those whom they think incapable of coveting for themselves.

Well, these are just the big ones that come to mind at this late hour. If you'd like more reasons to hate your Christian neighbors & boycott their businesses, please, by all means, pick up a Bible and read it. You won't have to go far before finding something offensive that you can hate us for.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning *God* created the heavens and the earth.

See. What did I tell you? Let the hating begin.

Texas 2012 Day 7

So we were off bright, but not too early, to get to Albuquerque for lunchtime. It's only a two hour drive so we didn't want to get there too quickly.

Um, as for thinking we'd not see a traffic jam until we got back to LA...didn't quite work out that way. Outside a reststop, headed east, at least two big-rigs crashed. It was a mess. This traffic went on for miles. And, unlike most traffic jams in LA, there was absolutely no way around it.

The closer you get to Albuquerque the less terrifying the landscape. Have I mentioned that a flat horizon scares the crud out of me? It's an interesting psychological phenomenon. (10 pts if you can tell me what movie that last line is from.)

Ah, yes, the reason for our late start...needed to get to Boston's AFTER it opened.

We had some delicious pizza. Gluten-free, of course. :)

By the time we got to Flagstaff it was all I could do to bring the luggage into the room. No swimming that night. But we were very happy to get to watch church online. That's Babycakes there watching Jarret LeMaster lead worship...and probably wondering where the nursery cam is. ;)

They sang a really great song that epitomized our trip in worship on Wednesday night. Never Once. It's by Matt Redman. If you don't know his music, you're missing some really good stuff. Anyway, here's the song with the lyrics.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Texas 2012 Day 6

Started our return trip on Tuesday morning.

It finally cooled down enough to play in one of the rest stop playgrounds.

Outside Santa Rosa we encountered a relic. I had no idea any of these even existed anymore. The kids thought it was really cool how all the numbers scrolled when I turned the handle before pumping.

We really pushed it from Amarillo. Only stopping briefly twice, once for the aforementioned gas. The kids slept most of the afternoon so we tried to get them tired making use of the pool. It kind of worked...for a couple...some not so much. :D

Texas 2012 Day 5

So Monday we had a bit of rain...just a few drops...not enough to clean the Monster Van. :)

There's no Babycakes in this final picture becuase he's asleep behind the sofa. All that walking back and forth between the hotel and Grandma's tuckered him out.

We walked him around the lake before bed to try to get him to sleep after his late nap.

Here are the kids trying to see Grandma's apartment from the other side of the lake.

The clouds helped make for a beautiful sunset.

Braniac wanted me to take a picture of this Canadian goose.

I'll write at some later time about leaving. It really doesn't fit with the photos. Anyway, Braniac also took some pictures while we were hanging out at Grandma's. They are a bit fuzzy so glad for the digital era when that doesn't seem like such a waste. :D

Friday, July 27, 2012

Texas 2012 Day 4

For my non-Instagram stalkers. ;) 

Awoke to a hot, hot day. But only 104 expected so it was an improvement over last year. :D

When you are in Texas you have to eat these waffles. We discovered ours is not the only hotel that serves these. They are everywhere. The irony of course is that by making it shaped like Texas it's smaller than a regular waffle. But don't tell the Texans that, they probably wouldn't like that. ;)

We had some nice visits with my grandmother. I showed her all the pictures I had of the kids. It's difficult to do much with an Alzheimer's patient. I learned last year that looking at the pictures gave her something to focus on. I know she won't remember, but I do think the feeling is there.

We were very glad to have my "new" laptop along. We watched church on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

Later after another visit we had a snack.

Then went swimming.

Except Babycakes who wasn't very interested.

I had planned to finish these before I got home but I was just so exhausted most nights from driving that I will work on them over the next week. For now I need to get ready and get my poor, now-dented, van into the carwash for it's once a year treat of a professional wash, wax, and the works. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Texas 2012 Day 3

Another full tank in Santa Rosa to take us all the way to Wichita Falls.

A bit later we were in Texas.

Stopped in Amarillo at the Texas Visitor Center...but first we got turned around and ended up in downtown Amarillo. Interesting place. :D

Come climbing at the Visitor Center.

Babycakes did this A LOT. Made for a very late night. I think I succumbed to sleep before he did.

We stopped at McD's just outside Wichita Falls.

Then, finally we arrived and got settled in. Had a room with a view of the lake and my grandmother's home. The kids love that. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Texas 2012 Day 2


Leaving AZ.

But not before we fill up. I'm not sure how much this would have cost in LA since all of the pumps there max out at $100.


It's really flat out here. I mean really, really flat.

Albuquerque is more bearable. :)

THIS is awesome!!! But I digress. ;) 

Then we got to the hotel. Forgot to take a picture of our lovely view of the goat stable. :D

And time for some more swimming.