For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas 2011

This marked our 2nd annual trip to Wichita Falls, a place I only visit because my grandmother is in an assisted living facility there. Last year the trip went smoother than anything I'd ever planned & executed in my entire life. The trip itself was the final break, imo, of the horrible false teaching I had received at the hands of certain people that God was only a God of hate looking for a reason to pour out his wrath. My theological education since then had brought me to the head knowledge that God is faithful & loving to those who are his, the trip gave me the heart knowledge . It was pretty amazing.

This year, it was a test of my metal. :D

As my previous post indicated, we didn't get off to a glorious start.  Thing 1 was sick the night before we left so we cancelled all the reservations and my dh took him to the Urgent Care. It was his gut that was in pain and we don't mess around with that with Thing 1. His innards are pretty jumbled up and he has a higher risk of intestinal blockage than a normal child.  It turned out to be nothing serious so when I woke up the next morning I suddenly found myself feeling that I must leave the next day, not wait until August. So off we went with a still woozy 9yo. Poor kid.

Our first stop was McDonald's in the pass to eat breakfast and watch the trains go by.  Woozy kid scarfed 3 pancakes. Should've ordered some to go since that was pretty much the last thing he ate for the next 2 days. I understand though. When I was preggo with Babycakes all I could get to stay down was MD's french fries.

At the rest stop outside some town in the California desert that exists only because it has a DQ & a gas station.

On the second day we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park to eat lunch in the parking lot & watch the large ravens. (That's one flying there in the left of the picture.)

This is going into NM from AZ.

Sky City, NM. It was probably more pleasant before the confusing off-ramp was built to accommodate the casino.

Day 3. Welcome center in Amarillo, TX.  Here, let me help in case you've forgotten the words to the song you are now humming...Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone. Everything that I've got is just what I've got on...I'm sure you feel better. :)

H-F was so excited to see all the metal cows. :)

At one of our favorite rest stops in TX. It was a bit hot so they played in the shade more than on the playground.  Yes, TX rest stops have playgrounds. :)

Outside my grandma's "villa." H-F loves this perpetually empty bird-feeder cuz it's shaped like a barn.

Walking back to the hotel from my grandma's.  That was one of the cool things that happened last year. Without knowing my grandma's address, I picked the Hilton-brand hotel (I prefer Hilton) right next to her place. :)

My grandmother's hair hasn't been this long in about 50+ years. My uncle took her to get it cut Tuesday after we left.

H-F loves his grandma and prays for her every night. 

Getting up close & personal with my uncle's horse.  You know, for a kid who desperately wants riding lessons, he sure has no interest in getting near a horse. :D

Thing 1 was much less nervous.

Thing 2 & the Teenager with my aunt and her horse.

Babycakes probably would have been far more interested if the wind velocity was not upwards of 40mph.

Thing 1 feeding the horse a carrot for a treat.

A pause from the footage to explain how things went directly south after this.  Triple-digit heat aside, it hadn't been too bad a visit up to this point.  That night, the night before we were supposed to leave on our return trip, the Teenager became more sick than I had ever seen him.  I would have taken him to the emergency room if I hadn't suspected the cause.  About 4 years ago he went GF to help with his hyper-activity and his growth.  See, he hadn't grown in 2-3 years. I convinced him to try the diet by reminding him how Thing 2 also didn't grow for a year before he was dx with Celiac.  I suspected his behavior problems were related to gluten after all the reading I had done.  Sure enough, in less than a month everyone began noticing a difference in his behavior. His teachers noticed he was able to sit still longer & focus better.  He's never truly gone back on gluten before.  However, I told him that if he could control himself I'd let him have some, including pizza.  By Sunday night it had done it's damage, I believe. I will probably have to call the Celiac center down in SD to see if we might not have to have him scoped. It's possible it's not just a sensitivity he has. :(

So, I was up most of the night with him. Then the baby was up with a cold.  By 4 am my allergies (I'm allergic to whatever the heck is in a/c) had turned into a sinus infection.  We didn't get out of WF until after 10am.  It was only by God's grace I even was able to stay awake all the way to Santa Rosa.  After getting the kids in & fed I let them know we'd not be swimming that night but going to bed.  Thankfully, they all slept all night.  Well, Thing 2 tried to crawl into bed with me twice but I booted him.  It's hard to sleep with a 7yo's feet in your back. ;)

Anyway....on the way to SR, we saw the Billy Elliot truck.  This is probably only significant to us. The Teenager auditioned for BE a few years ago, when I was pregnant with Babycakes.

Another great TX rest stop.

Give Babycakes a room full of perfectly good & safe things to play with & one dangerous thing and he will immediately go to the dangerous thing.

At the AZ Visitor's Center checking out this relic.  I'm sure the kids are thinking, "50cents? Why don't they just use their cellphone?" :D

Again, BC wants into the janitor's dangerous closet.  He can probably smell the toxins a mile away.

Finally we were home & I was still sick. So I opted for the carwash. I mean, who wants to deal with millions of dead bugs when they are sick? Not me, that's for sure.

Ah, that looks much better. :)

We arrived home to a few open sunflowers.  My faves. :)

I have some pics on my phone that I might get around to publishing later. We'll see how that goes.  Gotta go see Cars 2 tomorrow morning with our good friends N & D. Then Summer Intensive starts Monday.  If you're not into ballet that means nothing so let me just say that two-a-days are probably the only thing in sports that comes close. :D

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