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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homeschooling High School

Not Back to School Blog Hop

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Trying not to panic. (nervous laugh)

College Prep Course of Study

We mostly use Christian Light even though we are not Mennonite so we don't agree with 100% of what they say. I've been homeschooling over 10years, though, and have yet to find any curriculum we agree with 100%. The kids have responded positively to the layout and organization of this curriculum so we'll be sticking with it. :D


English – Two sections--1st Semester--Literature; 2nd Semester--English. He'll also be taking the course offered through the PSP because I have finally accepted that I am completely incapable of teaching a subject I loathe. ;D

Math -- He seems to like this better than Saxon. We'll see how it works. I hope it gives him enough room to work out the problems in his head.

Social Science – 1 sem. Geography,--Hopefully we can count this as both the Civics & Geography requirements. 1 sem. Health -- CLE doesn't have a Health curriculum, but AOP is laid out similarly...suprise. ;)

Science – Biology --You knew I had to sneak Saxon in there somehow, right? :) We're hoping to take Fridays to focus on Science projects and experiments. He wants to start by dissecting everything. :D

Foreign Language – German

Visual & Performing Arts – 1 year required--Obviously, this shouldn't be a problem in our house. He'll be focusing on Art & Music though. I will outsource those. :)

Physical Education – We'll probably have to skip PE this year.

Electives – Typing; Computer

Golly, it looks so easy on paper. **shudder**


  1. Oh, it doesn't look so easy to me :) I may have to call on you for support when I start homeschooling my kids. But that won't be for another year.

    1. I know. To be honest, it's about as overwhelming as starting Kindergarten the first time. :)