For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Week of School...Ever

As stated previously, the middles are going to school this year. Here are some pics from our first week of school.

On their way in on the very first day. Babycakes had thought it was to be his school too, as apparent by him trying to take his school bucket out of the van when we got there. He understood that we were going to a school, it seems. :)

Braniac at his Kindy desk. 

Mr. Great-heart at his 3rd grade desk.

Spock at his 4th grade desk. And, those feet behind him to his right, those are Mr. Great-heart's feet. The class is a combo 3rd-4th. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly for their first year. :)

After the older kids were settled, it was time to take Babycakes off to his school.

First share & tell of the year.

It was only a half-day the first day, so as soon as preschool let out, we were back to pick up the big boys.

Braniac, after completely his first day of Kindy.

We went by McDonald's for a treat after the first day. Some rare Happy Meals. Of course, needing four meant I had to eat one. Not used to all the fried food nowadays. 

Off to the second day, the first full-day.

Took down Babycakes' work from last week to make room for this weeks work. Here's the best of last week. :)

Worked on a schedule for Babycakes and The Teenager.

Off to the third day.

In the mail we received Sunday School promotion letters. Babycakes will no longer be in the nursery as of the 9th. Not sure what he's gonna think of that. 

Watched a little Kipper. He seems to be dealing with his brothers' absence pretty well.

As we left school on Thursday afternoon, it began to rain.

Then it began to pour. Later, when we went outside, it was like a sauna. Bleh.

By Friday morning, we seemed to have the morning routine down enough that Spock got in some violin practice.

Off to the fourth day of school.

The Teenage started art school on Friday night.

The Lord has definitely been gracious to us this past week. We pray for more next week when we add Ballet to the mix. :)

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