For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Monday, September 17, 2012

School--Week 3

Week 3 proved to be a lot of work. It was our first full week of attending school. It was also the first week we had all of our extra-curricular...sign language, violin, ballet, musical theater, stretch & strength, AWANA, some more ballet, art classes, and even more ballet, and tap. I think that covers it all. It looks much more manageable here in print. ;D

So Sunday came. Babycakes moved out of the nursery into Sunday School. I'm sure I have a bigger struggle with this than he does. :)

When we left he was happily playing with Thomas.

2.5 hrs later, we returned. He didn't look like he'd moved far. :D

Monday we were back to school for our first Monday ever. 

Babycakes' garden showed some growth.

As indicated previously, Braniac is starting violin. They like to make a stealthy entrance. Of course, I don't so it kinda blows it. ;)

Seems that Spock has grown a bit this year. We were supposed to pick up a new violin. We'll, uh, work on that next week. :/

Braniac took some interesting pictures of the room.


Babycakes had preschool on Tuesday morning. It was a bit of a struggle since he hadn't been in two weeks. Praying next week will be better.

A little spinning before ballet class.

Braniac and I drove over to the mall for a few errands...

And to visit his girlfriend. That would be Ariel. He's gonna marry her some day. :)

Then we swam with Nemo.


A photo of the elusive Teenager. ;)

Found this by "chance" on Instagram Wednesday. I've talked about this on this blog before but felt it was worth reiterating...especially this week. :/

Spock, reading after school.

Wednesday was the first night back to AWANA. Everyone was happy about that. This is the Puggles class, learning about God's light. You can barely make out Babycakes in the bottom left-hand corner.

Yeah, Thomas was there too. :)

So we don't have one in each level this year, but we do have two in T&T. So that means two in the AWANA Quiz later this year. Should be interesting.

Thursday was picture day. Braniac struggled a bit in the morning coz he was so tired from being up at AWANA. :/

Friday was "blue shirt" day for Kindy. Braniac wore his Camp Mom shirt. Here he is practicing violin before school.

And Spock, as well.

Wow, two pics of The Teenager in one week. I'm getting good at these stealth photos. ;D He's on his way to his Grammar class here. He's really enjoying it. Makes me happy. 

On our way to school. It was a chaotic day. We had our first forgotten things. I had to drive back home. Grab everything. Drive back to school and drop it off. Drive all the way back home for the Mommy & Me class down the street. Whew! I will really try to never do that again. :D

Babycakes had a good time. He's slowly improving. Getting better at listening and participating. 

Well, that was our exciting week. If you made it this far, you are too awesome. So you get a bonus pic. :) This is at the kids' school on Monday afternoon.

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