For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Babycakes at the Fair

On Friday, September 28, Babycakes and I went off to the LA County Fair for a field trip with the "Mommy & Me" class.

Fortunately, we were all to go off on our own then meet up later.

I say fortunately because, unlike my other children, or most other children, this animal business held his attention for all of 15 minutes. :D

Fortunately, I knew what would hold it, so we wandered over to the Wally Parks NHRA Museum, where he was happy to spend nearly an hour, and would have been more but I thought they might view as overstaying our welcome. ;D (BTW, the museum is free during school hours during the fair, and is only $1 during regular fair hours...if you want to wait until next year.)

Um, yeah. ;)

We saw Ben Franklin, but Babycakes wasn't really interested since he wasn't a machine.

As always, I'd like to use the Pampers lady as a reason women *should* be in the workplace. Seriously, men didn't change diapers back then and it would have taken another 100 years for them to come up with this idea.  Or maybe more since men still wouldn't be changing diapers if disposables hadn't been invented. ;)

Small Zamboni.

Ford. Um, yeah. :)

Cruelly, the K'Nex hands on display was not open. :/

We also went to the Historic Trains Exhibit, which awed and impressed Babycakes.

Even this picture doesn't do the size of the train justice.

Fortunately for you, I took a video. :D

At noon we met some of the folks from the class at the carousel. Babycakes balked at having his picture taken at first but then he saw how much fun everyone was having and couldn't be left out.

Then we went for our first carousel ride on a "real" horse. (It was the moving horse, not the stationary.)

We had a great time, obviously. :)

What on earth is this, you ask? Well, this was desperation accepted. See, BC has this thing about his Pediasure, it has to be in a bottle with a nipple. Well, I forgot the nipple and gave him a straw.  He balked at first, as usual, but then he took it...and drank it all up. Just another big step I'm very happy about. :)

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