For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Monday, October 1, 2012

School--Week 5


The week started in the usual way. :)

But I actually had coffee. It was cool enough...that day. :/


We received our order from My Father's World for Babycakes.


40 Day for Life started. For those who don't stalk me well enough...I have two children who are among the most aborted...the so-called oops, or unwanted, baby (Babycakes) and the so-called imperfect baby (Spock). More than 90% of all abortions are Babycakes babies, about 5% are Spocks. The world would suck without them and, well, I guess it does.

Babycakes working on his math.

He started another day of school. He now goes to Miss Traccee's preschool 2x/week. If he continues to do well with this, we will add a third day in November.

Sitting on his own (without Mom) on the carpet for song time.

We have noticed a huge improvement in his eating. We hope it's positive peer pressure at school and that it will continue. :)

He's starting to respond to the teacher more. He is finally holding his pen the way she showed him.

Reading with a friend.

This is what boys look like when they are chasing bubbles. :)

A little more reading before we leave.

His finished duck.

Off to Puggles in the evening.

Where we learned that God created trees.

And ate gummies and M&M's while everyone else ate ice cream. :D

Played with the parachute.

That's Spock waving as he and Mr Great-heart (two behind him) go off to have their ice cream.


Thursday started out normal enough.

Played with our MFW, er, that would be, we did school. ;)

This is what was waiting for me when I went to pick up the kids at school.

Due to said sleepyhead, we were late to ballet and didn't get the lone table.


Free dress day. Spock and Mr Great-heart wore their AWANA T&T shirts.

I was up most of the night so I stopped by Coffee Bean with Babycakes before...

going to the fair for the Mommy & Me class field trip. I will post those photos in another entry...unless you really want 500 pics on this one. ;)


Off to the zoo on our last free Saturday until after Christmas. These photos will also go into another entry...see previous note.


Sunday I "made up for" free dress day as I had to iron their chapel clothes. They sang at the Lutheran church where their school is located. If you want to see the video, you'll have to become my Facebook friend. ;D

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  1. Sara - are they doing homeschool or is it a charter / homeschool group? they sure are cute.