For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our grateful hymn of praise.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

School Week 7 (Wed)

Got busy with sick kids needing my computer to watch Power Rangers on Netflix and never got around to publishing this. :)


Wednesday was an extraordinarily good day for Babycakes. He seems to be advancing in leaps and bounds now, as opposed to a few timid steps forward and several big steps back. We received a good report from both his preschool teacher and his Puggles leader. They both have seen great improvement over the past several weeks. And his Puggles leader since last year (she's the same leader). Sometimes, as a parent, this is difficult to see since I am with him 24 hrs/day.

He is starting to trace his letters more regularly.

And has been participating in school projects better.

He's also been interacting with with others, and even communicating with me when he wants me to take his picture...

Or a picture of his trains. :)

At Puggles we learned that God made the plants and grass. We got to see a lot of vegetables...most of which he still refers to as corn. :)

When it was time to put the veggies back in the bowl, Babycakes took his up to the teacher. He didn't whine or anything.

He was a bit impatient to get done with the planting, but who wouldn't be? ;)

He apparently wanted the plant's water.

So, in school and at Puggles, he sat as he should and participated as he should. He seems to really want to be a part of what everyone else is doing now. This proved to be a slight problem on Wednesday night, though, when it came to snack. He *never* eats snack. He always want to play with the Thomas table while everyone else is eating. Sooooo, of course, I didn't take a special snack for him. And, of course, he wanted the snack, which just happened to be dirt & worms. He can't eat the Oreos so I thought, I'll just give him the juice box and he'll be fine. Nope, he actually tried to trade me his juice box for the pudding. :D Fotunately, the children's pastor has snacks on hand for just such occasions, and she brought him a chocolate gluten-free cookie.

There was some other good stuff that won't go into this post but might show up later.Suffice to say, God was with us and guiding us even when we were confused and couldn't understand what He was doing, or why He was doing it. It's always good to remember in trials that God is going to bring us through to a better place when we are done, whether here, or in Heaven with Him, though at this time  we aren't facing any trials that should specifically lead to death. ;)

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